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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Bolton 1 Burnley 2


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his crossing is piss poor 90% of the time, but if you throw enough shit.


his lack of awareness of team mates as astounding.


saying that, he terrifies fullbacks.


what gets me is those calling him lazy. he maybe be a lot of things, but he's thats not it.

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Dickheads behind me slagged Feeney for 90 minutes, including for failing to control a ball 2 foot over his head. What absolute dickheads, he's got 2 men on him, Mavies a passenger, not a word, Spearing shit, gives away a goal, not a word. Cunts.



They must be fucking mentalists.


He is the last player i would boo this season


Even if things dont come off i can never complain his effort


He must cover more distance than most in a game

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Trying to win games without a defender/midfielder who is a strong character & organiser and without a striker is suicidal.


Feeney did well but I wish he wouldn't hang around in an offside position when our attacks break down.

I though Madine did well when he came on.


A spirited performance but not enough quality where & when it mattered.

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carlos, calling mavies today is baffling. only bit of actual quality on the park

I agree.


Also, while working it out to Feeney at every opportunity might our only idea, it doesn't necessarily follow that he plays well as a result.


Can't fault the lad for effort and persistence, he just isn't very good.

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The issue is we don't get enough people in the box when Feeney is in dangerous positions. If there's only Heskey stood still doing fuck all when the cross comes in, we aren't going to score. Midfielders need to get in the box more, as does clough.

This. Too many times when Feeney put ball into dangerous areas we had three men hanging back at edge of box. Once or twice Feeney could have seen that option but more often than not his team mates should have been hungrier and braver
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Feeney was giving Lowton the runaround for the first half hour....so Lennon moved him to the right. Once again though he was putting the ball in to some quality areas but we had fuck all in the box. And, like Tuesday, bringing on Silva (much) earlier would have given us a lot more balance and I'd have certainly fancied our chances of getting in behind their cloggers in the back four.


Criminal to throw away a winning position again in the manner that we did. Lennon being slumped in his seat for a good few minutes after the goal was pathetic and that sort of stuff certainly transmits itself to the players.


Barton is a moaning tart and would have been booked half a dozen times with a different referee.

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Seriously, if folk think Feeney is a problem then they either don't go, don't watch or are influenced by yoof who slag him off because he's not Messi. Get an absolute fucking grip, he's our most effective player by a mile, he's not perfect but he's usually left to hang out to dry because he's on the opposing touch line ready to put a cross in but there's nobody in the box, or even over the half way line. For all the haters, just say who'd you replace him with that would make us better. Usual boo boy bollocks, let's have a pop at the one player who actually wants the ball, twas ever thus. We are not good, fair enough, lay off Feeney, he is good at this level, slagging him off brings to mind titanic and lifeboats.

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