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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

New Manager

Take Hunt Off

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The Phil Brown rumour has been banded about since SS were in the reckoning. From itk people too.


Deano was assistant for brown at Derby. Brian Horton is good pals with deano. Horton was quoted as wanting to return up north a few weeks ago.


Then there's the Anderson and agent link to all of em including Big Sam, who was Deanos guest on Saturday and is also best pals with Phil Brown.

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Shocked to see he's gone I thought he would be here until the end of the season however I am glad he's gone just not up to it unfortunately. Phil Brown will be the next manager and good luck to him.

I reckon Jimmy will get a performance out of the shower of shit and maybe we may get the elusive away win which Lennon couldn't manage.

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Ex player close to SA said that SA would have been interested in BWFC job if we'd have stayed up and Sunderland were relegated.

Oh great, he's got loyalty to BWFC but only if we are in the championship. Great attitude that. Once in and all that.
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Well thank fuck they've announced Jimmy in charge til the end of the season


With Eddie, Gartside and now Lennon gone, and with Feeney rumours of a loan to Ipswich, and the hot dog and programme sellers getting sick of me giving them stick I was running out of people to boo


Welcome to the hot seat Jimmy. You're shit. Booooooooooooooooo!!!!! 

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