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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

New Manager

Take Hunt Off

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Allardyce got us up by spending a fiver.


I don't get the " i crie evertiem bolton win" from some bolton fans.


In some ways i want these Les Piilling types to 'buy' it . just so i can laugh at the Napoleon Complex suffering fuckers fucking it up even faster.


Miserable Bastards

Who the fuck is Les Pilling?

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Sacked because he fails to progress.


Stabilisation comes before progression.

Not knocking the carrot cruncher. He showed some promise early on in his managerial career, but never really progressed. Probably falls into the better coach than a manager bracket for me.

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If we can't get either Moyes or Pearson I'm not going again.


We should be able to pick either of them up for less than £3k a month. If we don't the new regime are cunts who want to ruin our club.

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