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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Derby 4 Wanderers 1


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Derby 0-0 at home. Absolutely dominated them.

Defended well. Passed the ball well. Got good balls into the box. Madine winning everything. Hit woodwork twice. No one booing. Jesus Christ. World away

The decline since is sadly what happens when you demotivate players, management and staff by basically selling everyone and everything down the river, moral must have been rock bottom since it became apparent that the owner had thrown the towel in completely. Thankfully the fans in general stuck by the club and are as usual the only good thing and constant during this utter shitstorm. Edited by Mounts Kipper
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That's what i'll be doing, Mounts, checking the live scores. I can't take any more punishment at the Macron this season.

Can't blame anyone for not going, there's going to be thousands of away fans taking the piss that's for sure, I'll be there for the Hull game that'll be bad enough.

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Where you off to Sweep?


Barbados bound in the morning - 11.10 from Gatwick


League 1 club by the time I land

Have a good one pal, whereabouts are you staying ?

Bloody love the place


Anyway, tomorrow's match....


9-0 to Derby. Colin Todd, Jeff Chandler and Roy McFarland all notch hat tricks to complete our thoroughly miserable fucking season.


750 Whites watch the first twenty mins then depart the ground and recreate 2001 on the car park, leaving Ruth on her own in the ground due to someone nicking her sticks and twatting half the Wanderers players with them....

Edited by miamiwhite
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