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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Wanderers 0 Reading 1


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It's not the defeat , it's the manner of the defeat - no plan, no method , no confidence.

Long ball with no target man against 2 big centre backs



And Reading were absolutely woeful as well. I think here he worst team I've seen us play all season; Cooper at the back should be playing on a local park


A decent team would have scored 8 against us today


A few of the players put a real shift in, but ultimately we are dreadful


I can honestly see us going down again

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Oh here he is Boltons number 1 superfan.


Put your cock away FFS.


Earn your stripes? Get fucked, most of us earned them a long time ago.


We all be there next season.


It's all about personal circumstance and is all that goes with it worth the hassle of going there today.


You carry on thinking your well ace because you chose to go today and you have a TR85 pin badge.


Sanctimonious drivel. Even by your standards.

how did Leicester get on

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As for the important stuff, at least it showed me why Phillips shouldn't be anywhere near the top job

Playing with ten is obviously difficult, nine even more so when Vela ambles through the game but fcuk me, he then decides to further weaken us with Heskey

And what's with the 4 in the midfield squeezed into one half of the pitch

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As a matter of mild amusement, does anyone (Malc...) know how many points we lost this season because of goals conceded after the 85th minute?


I reckon at least 8 points.

I reckon we've gained at least that number

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I thought the ref was going to book their man for diving when he sent Holding off. They managed to split us wide open too often though. Like most teams tbh.


Moxey was shit today. Kept missing headers by timing his jump wrong and gave the ball away nearly every time he had it. Pratley was shite too imo.


Need to see their goal again but Amos doesn't half get beat by a lot of long distance shots.


Could've been 5-0 though and they weren't even that good really.


One less game go play though. That has to be a plus this season :)

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Their best player was Geoff Eltringham


Pratley worked his bollocks off. Technically he was biz, but that lad is giving his all and he was constantly outnumbered.


Moxey made a number of great blocks too. Not his greatest game but he's another that gave his all


I'd rather that from them 2 than proper cunts like Madine and Mavies who don't give a shit about being professional and more importantly about our football club

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Felt numb today really, knowing it didn't really mean anything. Don't think we were that bad considering we were down to 10 men but not sure if that was due to us being resilient or Reading being wank.


Thought Woollery played OK. Got some pace.

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Amos had a decent game, no problem with him or the goal he conceded.


Some of our senior pros were poor today. They kids looked like they were just that. No real problem, the season has gone, let the kids see what the required standard is for championship.


I think we are a million miles away from being decent but we need confidence or at least players who come from a team used to winning. Our players still think it's ok to lose every week, our mentality needs to change as much as the players

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