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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021



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mavies was best player on the pitch yet again.


so many people are willing to slate him at every opportunity.

What did he do on saturday what did he create he's a flair player who delivers little end product. I was a Davies fan thought he'd be superb in the championship in fact he did nothing he's dropping deeper and deeper and I'm still waiting for him to show end product on a regular basis and I just don't think it'll ever happen. Edited by Mounts Kipper
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He often came deep because Amos kept banging the ball to Clough and we'd lose it immediately. And then it would be up to him to go get it back / prevent us conceding.


Lennon didn't have a clue how to get the ball from our half to upfront in a sensible fashion.


Initial impression is that Parkinson has a better plan and has the players moving in a coherent fashion. We now take throw ins and don't immediately give the ball away.


Therefore Davies may actually work in a wide position

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hide? - utter, utter bollocks.


there only him that actually goes looking for the ball at times.


no doubt, hes has some terrible games. and has probably thought "what the fuck am i doing here". but havent we all?? 


if parky can channel his ability then he's is 1st name on the teamsheet every week.


in fact aside from injuries, if he misses many game this season (no matter who hes playing for) i will be hugely surprised.


this season is a clean sheet for everyone imo - can we please fuck off with all the negativity. its pissing me right off.

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hide? - utter, utter bollocks.



When the chips are down in a football match you need someone to step up to the plate and dig the team out of a hole.


Mark Davies has the ability to do that. Often coveted as our most technically gifted player, he's meant to be the one to create that chance, to slip that ball in or beat that man.


He never does any of that. He's been nothing more than a passenger in about 6 seasons.


That's where the hiding term comes from. It's his fucking job to create stuff and turn football matches, he does neither therefore hides from his responsibilities as a so called creative midfield player.


There's not many left fooled by this 'on his day bullshit' but it appears you homer are one of them.


Clean sheet my fucking arse. It's him and his mates fault we are starting a season in division 3 on Saturday.


They can all fuck off.

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