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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Rembrandt Rip

Baba O'Riley

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Lou asked me to pass on the following Funeral details, now confirmed:


30th September 2016

At 1pm St Thomas of Canterbury Church Bolton BL1 4PN

Followed by committal at 2-15 east chapel Overdale crematorium.

Wanderers shirts, scarves etc. very much in order.

Good job you posted that this numpty was looking at arranging a couple of appointments in the south of England that week. ????

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Just wanted to Thankyou all for your wonderful

Messages of support

Although I may not be able to post like uncle B did ,

I and my lad , can remain the potty southern fans

That we are , many away fans see us here , there and everywhere

And maybe will know us on here as the Pompey fans

Jords and I did a day trip to Helsingor , in July , uncle B wasn't strong enough

So thought well ....,.,, let's do it for him and documented every footstep

Once again Thankyou , he will continue his BWFC journey through us

As it was he who made us believe , love and give us passion and direction

A man so incredible , no one else could ever fill

I was lucky he was my uncle B

Hopefully a little thing in programme at weekend


Best wishes Lou


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RIP Bernard....I remember some hilarious trips in the mid - late 70s from London with Bernard and Malcolm.Cambridge away springs to mind..think it was the game when a few Whites went to the wrong ground..... a fabulous guy and a real Wanderer who will be greatly missed!


Didn't a good few whites end up at Cambridge Citys ground?

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