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Wanderers 2 Millwall 0

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Spearing head and shoulders above every other player on the pitch.

This. If we can keep him, he keeps fit and doesn't get too many yellows we'll go very close to automatic promotion.


Derik similar, he played a ball forward out of defence second half no other centre back in this league could see, never mind play.


Taylor superb today, especially second half. Vela also, great goal and tremendous work as the lead 'presser'

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Thought I was quids in with 2-0 @ 14/1   Then thought they were generous odds   Checked my slip and turns out I put it on Millwall to win 2-0 by mistake   Cunt

Madine battered them? We were watching something completely different

... add Beevers to that list.


At no point did I feel we would lose that game (or even draw) today. Totally professional.


Spearing looked like a magnet for the ball, wherever he was the ball was there. He reads the game really well and was superb. Boy have we missed him.


Ameobi was unplayable and we got to see it in both halves!


Agreed Madine was the weak link and a forward needs to be purchased or loaned in January. May I suggest that A Le Fondre is mostly on the bench for Wigan?


Bring on Coventry.

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Only just thawed out.


Agree on the above regarding Taylor. He had a bit of interaction with esl following a few groans as he passed back to our keeper, he basically put his hand up as if to say calm down (shut the fuck up). 5 minutes later we were 1 up and he was over again this time all smiles.


Another 3 points on Tuesday and hopefully the Yorkshire lot slip up.



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No I was.


He scores goals and can play back to goal to hold the ball up. He also wins shed loads of free kicks! I'd have him. Yes the tactics would have to change.

I once took the time to knock up some stats on ALF with us


Despite his decent run of goals, I think we won something like 2 in 17


The games when we went with him and Clough we were toothless


There's no need for any tactical change


If we can find a Madine who scores 20 all well n good, but I bet we can't


Not without a couple of million quid

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Home and happily tucking into first rum and coke of the day , another vote for Taylor as mom. .



What's up with Wheater?



Parkinson revealed after the game that David Wheater could now be missing for a number of weeks with a back problem picked up late on Friday afternoon.


“We don’t know how long it will be yet,” he said. “It was a frustrating day on Friday because the bad weather meant we walked through the set plays and organisation against Millwall on the Astro-Turf and just at the end he struck one ball as he was walking off the pitch and felt some pain in his back.

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