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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

The Elite Posters Music Thread


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In fact, they're on at the bury road one next Saturday


Not to be missed if you like your 80s


Indeed. Pure luck I saw them last week. I'll go out of my way to see them again though.


One thing I did find amusing was the massive amount of MILF's swinging their pants in perfect sychronisation on the dance floor. As can almost be seen in this video.



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Just back from the Ritz,where GUN and Black Star Riders rocked the foundations.

Anyone on here ,who thinks BSR are a tribute band get ya arses down to watch them next time round.

With 3 albums in the bag and a set list that only contains 2 Lizzy tracks this band will be around for years.

Superb front man ( Ricky Warwick ) and a trio of guitars this is rock n roll at it finest !!!

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New Order at Manchester International Festival booked. Be a good gig that, with an orchestra and apparently they're gonna play stuff you don't normally hear

Really looking forward to this and one or two of the other MIF events such as that True Faith exhibition about the art of Joy Division and New Order.


NO touring again in November too including Manchester but no dates yet

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Had a last minute road trip over to Hull last night to the New Adelphi club for the Senseless Things first official gig in 22 years. Got picked up by some random guy off Facebook from Chorlton, who was actually Scottish but supported Forest - young Cloughie was the initial conversation we had. Met a woman in some dodgy pub off Facebook for a ticket. And then, on the off-chance, sat for half an hour with a couple of the band members in a quiet bar chatting.


Venue was slightly bigger than my lounge! 200 sweaty 40-somethings in there pogoing around for best part of 2 hours. Band were fuckin' ace!!! Even managed to get on stage and dive back into the crowd on the last song - so 90s! Can't wait to do it all again in Shepherds Bush this coming Saturday!


Can't hear a thing this morning!

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Crazy cash.

Put it this way.

A day ticket for Download costs £80.

And a choice of watching up to 10 bands approx from.a choice of 40.

Know where my well.earned is going.

Plus its a rip off , by including in the ticket price a copy (either digital or hard) of their latest album.

Which we all had on last years xmas list.

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Stranglers were on the money Friday evening in Brixton. Rarely fail to disappoint.

Senseless Things tore the house down in Shepherds Bush tonight. Place was bouncing. Spotted Ian Broudie, Jimbob Carter & Matt Bellamy in the crowd. And got to meet one of my teenage heroes - Gerry from Mega City Four. Had beer with him & his Mrs pre gig. Pretty much just chatted about football. Top bloke.

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