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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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1 hour ago, little whitt said:

was Ace that

you wonder how we got into a war in the first place.

did you know 

Margaret Thatcher 

Wrote a Handwritten Letter to the Family of each soldier how lost there life all 255 of them

Like Bart Simpson in the opening credits of The Simpsons? "Soz your son/husband/dad is dead but my approval rating was at rock bottom so...anyway soz, Margaret."

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@Youri McAnespie this Steph midday show. Fuckin hell. Today consists of “How Old Is your Mattress”

Also I don’t know his name but they have one of the un-funniest cunts ever produced on there today. I assume he’s a former radio.

Id like to put him on your list of dope shooting bastards

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On 27/03/2022 at 09:54, Youri McAnespie said:

Terence and Philip on again

of course it's on again

it's on the same day and time every week

and you sit there, waiting for it to come on, and then watch it, from start to finish


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Seriously - where do they get jizz from?

And if McGovern had the babbeh she feeds on mushy peas and Microchips (the microwave potato things not the electronic components) does that mean her 'wife' is the one who dons the strap-on?

These questions need answering - A World in Action special perhaps?

The mind boggles.

She needs to be investigated she just mentioned 'parmos' for the four hundred thousandth time, she is a total smog scrubber. She says 'yeah' every other word. 'Boro twats are the most backwards fuckers - no wonder they abused all those kids.

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12 minutes ago, Spider said:

World in Action’s theme tune used to scare me to death. Proper sinister.

Steph definitely doesn’t wear the strap on, but I bet she can bench 150kg with her chin.

Why's it not on anymore? I thought the logo was Jim Morrison of The Doors...

If she's the butch why did she have the babbeh she feeds on Sunny Delight and Rustler Burgers.

They need some investigative journal programmes to pose the question "Where did you get the jizz from, and why do you feed the babbeh solely on junk food, you tramp?"

When they have acceptable chefs on she gags on every mouthful of their acceptable food because it's not cheesy chips and donner meat (no chilli sauce).


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5 minutes ago, Francis Fogarty said:

I refer back to my ' I don't know how old the programme is mind' disclaimer.

The chaser went for Burton Albion at the President Pirelli stadium I think. He got it wrong anyway.

I'm in a small pub in or around GL. It's not my usual tea time viewing.

GL you say? 
Is there a man being belligerent about Eamon Holmes & Tim Lovejoy to anyone that’ll listen?

Possibly wearing a top hat

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