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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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46 minutes ago, Smiley said:

But how did she end up in Liverpool with Curtis? Seem to recognise him. Was there a deal done so she became his Mrs?

I’ve got one episode to go. Belting series this one.

I can’t remember if it was mentioned she would go to Liverpool 

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LH White's Top Tip of the Day

Before you start the latest series/season of a show, go on IMDB and read the synopsis of each episode from the series/season before

Takes a few mins and works wonders for you forgetful types

back with more words of wisdom tomorrow

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I went out with a Polish girl (handful but perfect) for a while - she'd lived here ages and was quite resentful toward the Poles pitching up later.

Anyhow we were in Madrid and that Church had a statue of that Pope, I compared him (The Statue) to Dracula and Bishop Brennan, she didn't speak to me for twelve hours.

There's a massive street named after him in Warsaw with a shrine where folk can light candles and leave flowers etc. The top end is full of sex shops, strip clubs, 24hr booze shops and I presume, brothels (the street not the shrine).


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Philip is being lecherous towards a singer who is probably about twenty. He's a Savile I reckon'. I bet he molested the Soccerettes, the sex pest. Allegedly.

You’re a bald old man Lovejoy you dirty fucker, you fucking rotter, you dirty bastard.

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Terence, mint in pesto? Michelin Starred - fuck off.

Home Bargains were selling your ale for 20p a bottle five years ago, it was shite.

Avocado in Risotto? Which looks like rice pudding someone's shat in.

Dead Italians are spinning in their graves.

Coogan isn't hiding his disgust with the assembled gobshites ballooning.

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