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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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6 hours ago, Youri McAnespie said:

He abbreviated it to 'the Dutch' he had her clobber dry cleaned every month, probably to eliminate DNA and jizz. He lived with the Dutch (his mam not folk from Holland) well into his fifties when she pegged it - he had a caravan a mile or so away to do his noncing in.

I reckon he bummed her.

I reckon she bummed him

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3 hours ago, burnden said:

Watched the pilot for a drama called Animal Kingdom last night seemed pretty good , 5 series on iptv and a s6 due .



The original film was good - although that was set in Skippyville......

The Yank version is on my to watch list...


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Don't know where to start with that Savile documentary. Not only did all those people know what he was up to, he was literally snitching on himself in interviews and doing creepy shite in them too. He wasn't hiding in plain sight he was just in plain sight. What an odd relationship this country has with celebrities.


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Terence cooked some slop and seems to be drunk, there's some yank gaylord on whose mum was from Bolton teaching how to make a GnT. Philip was leering over some teen Brazilian singer now based in America whose music was awful and she was obviously chinged up. Philip is also wearing a coat with one sleeve pulled up so everyone can see his Rolex, professional alky Stewart Lee's missus is on wearing Freddy Krueger's fedora hat.

Terence and Philip are interviewing that yank dandy and neither of them has asked "why have you got orange skin?"

A drunk Oliver Reed asked this question repeatedly to Richard Madeley on Richard and Judy's Big Breakfast or whatever.

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