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9 hours ago, Whitesince63 said:

Is this really the best we can do if true? Probably ok for the B Team or as a standby but he’s done nothing and is just another learner when what we really need is experience and proven quality. It would be a typical Evatt and Markham signing but I thought recent events might have shown them that hasn’t worked?

I expect nothing less than an apology from Sharon for signing players who have zero world cup finals on their resume.

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Kioso was a good player for us, though in the way of forums, plenty called him shite.

He's a very solid, capable player at lower Championship/higher Lg.1 level.

But he fancies Peterborough, again, & Steve Evans wants him to stay at Rotherham. He obviously enjoyed his time here but has always preferred that M1/A1 geography. 

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3 hours ago, desperado said:


Always good to hear a view from those who have watched players regularly. Thanks for sharing.

I think there is mutual respect between our clubs ever since the welcome you gave us in 2019.

@Whitesince63 why on earth would you jump on a potential signing so negatively without knowing the slightest thing about him? Just because we’ve all identified a need for a potential experienced/hardened leader (probably more needed in midfield), it doesn’t mean that every single signing needs to be of this mould. 

The majority of our signings/recruitment in the last 4 seasons have done well, you don’t rip up the rule book.

You seem to have been a little bit more considered and less negative/reactionary without consideration, the last few months, with some decent posts, don’t revert back to how you were when you first came on here.

Fair play Desperado and having read BenLaines posts and thanks for the heads up Ben, I accept that I was maybe a little overly pessimistic but I was expecting more experienced and tested signings in this window rather than players to bring on later. You’re right, I know nothing about the lad and shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. I’m considering myself well told off and withdraw my comments until we’ve seen him, assuming he comes of course? 😁

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Tbf I think we all want a few experienced heads to arrive, it's what we've badly needed for a few seasons especially one amongst the defence & another in the centre of the park. I just can't see how we'll be able to bring one or two of them sorts though they'll want too much in wages that we like to give out, they'll most likely end up at Brum/Wrexham. We tend to spend some decent cash for the level on fees but on players who aren't demanding 15/20k a week. If we can bring in some decent experience it will be serious out of favour players like JDB was at Millwall or injury prone ones like Keiran Lee who just wanted to get playing again. This Wycombe lad I've never heard of but he was top of the CB charts for duels so he must be a battler which we 100% need, we've been far too soft under IE.

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32 minutes ago, DirtySanchez said:

Wasn't being serious but I bet there a few out there who would 

Over Victor in a heart beat and I hate our obsession with old players.

probably younger than Jerome too

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Wycombe fan (again) here - the release said you beat out Championship clubs, and I 100% believe that. Well done and good luck!

Thanks to Big Chris for everything he did for us at Wycombe. May he have a fantastic career!

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