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4 minutes ago, wanderer1984 said:

Personally I think this squad is more then capable of pushing for promotion. I don't believe that Evatt has missed out on any of his targets. Looking forward to next season.     https://mobile.twitter.com/BurndenWay/status/1291442291102621697/photo/1

i am not even going to pretend i know how that team will do in league 2.

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42 minutes ago, burnden said:

Crellin best get plenty practice at saving pens in .

Hopefully under a decent manager in right position he wont be a liability . and before Casino points it out we are at a lower level now. Be Reet but Bowton Baked might.not be happy 

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6 minutes ago, jimmyjoojar said:

For starters, I think it’ll be Doyle & Fonz up top.

With three CB’s and playing with wingbacks I’m not sure where Poltic fits in.


I think the good think about Politic is he's versatile and seems willing to adapt, so we could see him all over the place. RWB, ST, CAM, CM and he'd offer something different in each of those roles. He'll still be an asset in a 3-5-2.

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Everything I've seen so far seems to be done in a certain order. First getting Darcy and Politic to sign new deals then a decent goal scorer comes in. Sarcevic could be playing in a bigger division, he looks like a solid all rounder same with Comley.

The defence looks mean as fuck, all massive and athletic. This Gordan lad looks like asset imo.

Options up top now too.

A couple more and we'll have 2 players fighting for each position.

All this without spending a penny on a transfer fee.


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1 hour ago, Rudy said:

Didn’t Freedman play him at RB ? Ffs

And lest we forget, LB. If he can retain any of his previous ability and stay fit, I have no reason to doubt that Baptiste will be pushing for a starting spot ahead of Delaney.

Haven’t seen enough of Delaney to give a solid opinion but he was signed before Evatt, so favouritism might come into it. 

Being an older head that knows IE well, I see no reason why he couldn’t play a part in coaching too, similar to Gilks.

Potentially a very good signing I reckon. Was made a scapegoat played out of position and got flak for seemingly taking in a big wage/signing on fee previously. A clean slate and hope it works out. 

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