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48 minutes ago, Max Cherry said:

came on as a sub against us I think. looked OK IIRC. attack minded certainly not defensive midfielder thinking winger even? 

Am I the only one who doesn't remember anything about opposition players? You lot are miles more observant than me!

The last one I can properly remember Traore - who I think might have been playing for Middleborough. And I'm not even a hundred percent about that! 😁

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24 minutes ago, nantwichwhite said:

If this is true as alluded to earlier I wonder where Dapo fits in with all of this. We now have a lot of attacking players.

It is pointing somewhere.

Frankly I hope not & I hope he's with us for at least 18m more but we're going to habe a lot of benchwarmers from next week.

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Sadlier has scored quite a few goals with his head when arriving in the box so that's also a bonus. He was pure class at Donny picking the ball up in the pocket driving at defenders & scoring from range. Not really worried about where everybody's going to fit in, its a heavy schedule & we're going to need everybody to play a part when called up on especially when we tend to get a lot of injury crisis. If we get one more in too (Dempsey) who's more of a box to box, it's been a fantastic window & we'll have ended up with some real depth with the quality to match.

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2 hours ago, TrickyTrotter said:

Amaechi seems made of glass.  Delf at the Exit door. Politic Gone

Leaves Dapo, Dadi, Dion, Baka, Kachunga (when fit) & Sadlier competing for 2/3 starting slots. Feels about right.

And Isgrove

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