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2 hours ago, Mantra said:

Good match to bring up. That was pretty bad, not horrendous. But in my opinion that should never have been an option. The problem was that Sheff Weds' away kit was pink with black shorts, so having pink and red was even worse objectively. It should really be a rule that your shorts have to be different colours between home/away kits.

Red/Green colourblindness is most common, which is what I have. That doesn't mean I just can't tell red from green though. All my colours overlap more and are less contrasted. I struggle with green and orange, blue and purple, red and brown, green and yellow. A lot of it is to do with vibrancy/richness/brightness. City blue vs Chelsea blue would be much easier to tell apart for me compared to City blue vs Leeds white even though they're different colours. 


Ever thought of moving to Northern Ireland?

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I believe he's currently on his last night away completely pissed with a Welsh couple he's met, promising to keep in touch with absolutely no intention to actually do so, drinking daft cocktails with furry parrot sticks in the top and talking to bar staff like they're life long friends.

This time in 2 weeks he'll be blasting 4 new signings up Rivington with backpacks full of depleted uranium turning us into a league winning machine. Chill.

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2 hours ago, Mannyroader said:

Burnley have released Bolton born Dale Stephens. 33 today he could cover or replace MJ for a couple of years.

I’d hoped we go for him since we left the prem but not sure it fits where we are at now.

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Remember Stephens impressing against us for Brighton. At that stage of his career where he might be happy to take a pay cut in return for guaranteed games. Although I wouldn’t necessarily want us to have a player aged 31+ in such a pivotal position, he must be capable of another 2-3 seasons at least?

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12 minutes ago, Johnnyrotten said:

Stephens was in my step daughter's year at school, in Deane.  We always hoped to see him in a Wanderers shirt before he retires, no sentiment and all that, but he's a quality footballer if he's still got his fitness.

I've just watched a compilation of his goals. He's scored some belters over the years.

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22 hours ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

If its money that he's interested in, then I would imagine that Wigan would have been his preferred destination above Preston anyway. 

Where’s this link with Wigan come from anyway, I don’t read many on their forums asking for him?

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28 minutes ago, barrycowdrill said:

The cost and concerns over his knee. Imagine my shock 🤔…. 

In fairness, the reason put forward by Iles is that he’s 2 offers from a higher league, so they may not be factors.

Those concerns have probably contributed to limiting our offer financially or length of contract wise but I think we all get the wanted to play higher (and why not) so it was possibly irrelevant as soon as champs clubs got serious.

Shame but on we move. Just hope we look for alternatives that are also direct and/or pacy

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It’s for the greater good of the team.

No doubting mossey was a good player but getting him in the team made us worse in other areas. 

Sadlier will be a good long term solution for that right wing back position. With Sheehan, Lee and that lad from Gillingham playing central attacking mid we need Sadlier playing consistently out on the right. Not sat on the bench as 4th choice CAM.

It might also mean we mix it up and go 442. Which will get the best out of afolayan as he’s wasted and ineffective playing centrally. 

As a collective we’ll be better.

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