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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

New Year Weight Loss


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Cheers, as I’m doing the by myself I’m never sure how I’m doing. Had a nightmare in Dec as I’d done the 100 mile month (but being a dick - did it in 3 weeks) and my ankle started to feel sore, started a half marathon event and had to pull out at 12k - couldn’t walk for a week and only just back to doing 7k - was a total idiot, did too much, didn’t taper...lesson learnt.

Would love to do a marathon sooner, just worried about fitting in the training with work and kids and I’d like the first one to be a good one, plus we’ve got friends to stay with - this running lark can soon rack up the money.

Anyway, I might post the link when we start fundraising if that’s ok despite it being all unnatural like!

I concur Edinburgh is a good course I did the half two years ago. Quite flat and if the weather is kind its a fair course


I also would chuck a few quid in for a great cause. Well done

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Bring back Matt's sausage diet!

A lot to be said for it, although it opened my eyes in terms of the difference in what goes in to them. Even some butchers ones would be up to 10g of carbs per sausage whereas the ‘extra special’ type ones from Asda would be no more than 2.5g per sausage if that.
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I got in pretty good shape by summer then as usual a catalogue of stuff ballsed it all up. Ended up finishing the year in a rut of drinking Friday Saturday Sunday, which probably doesn't sound too bad for most people but as has been said on here before, if one beer passes my lips ten more at least will follow.


Proper does my head in.


Anyways, I'm now pushing 15 stone which is not good.


Dry Jan is happening.

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Was meant to go for a run today but didnt


Now off to solita for beer and burgers


I did do some front crawl though yesterday mixed in with the normal brest stroke


Be reet

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One of my mates tried this a year or two ago, wanted to lost weight, so stopped drinking pints, ended up drinking pints of white wine and soda (Big Sams tipple of choice it seems) - we'd all go out and have maybe 8 or 10 pints, he would match us pint for pint, and then would be absolutely wankered by the end of the evening.


He's back on normal pints now, and is still a fat fucker

Yeah, Garrp is getting quite plump to be fair
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That's not too bad for somebody who is 6'2"

A colleague of mine is up at 4.30am every week day morning, in the gym in Oldham by 5am, an hours work out and then in the office in Northwich by 7am he leaves for home around 7pm. A couple of times a month he does a 10 mile run after work...needless to say he is 9st wet through. I still can't believe he has had the energy to have fathered 2 kids
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118kg.....best get shifting some of this shift. first step complete....get back working with grandad :D

Finished the year hovering around 110kg.


Ran two 10km races

6 Park runs getting below 29 minutes so pleased with that.


Gonna do some more 10k’s this year and a half marathon.


Hopefully shift another 10kg

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