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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

New Year Weight Loss


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Over the past few months I've tried to reduce carbs. Particularly sugar.

Some success with the sugar.


Strangely, if I don't eat some starchy stuff with my tea and have proportionally more protein, I feel rough as fuck in the morning.

Been tested for diabetes but nowt there.


Remember youri once mentioning the importance of blood sugar levels when you're epileptic; maybe there's something in it, or maybe it's just me, either way I'd rather feel normal and no shakes than suffer trying to lose a few calories.

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Been to the "Good Health Centre" again, haven't had to go for about 2 years..


Trying to get back into playing football and signed up to a local sunday league team, claimed the centre back spot, but my legs have been like lead since the first game..


Anthony there, stretched my legs and because i haven't really fully extended them for years, they're rebelling.. did some stretches, showed me how to do them and i can actually touch my toes now..


Very well recommended to anyone who is trying to lose weight and getting achy..


ps before any jokes start, Yes i am the fattest in the team, we are not called Rovers, and i'm not Left Back.... in the changing rooms..

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Beef stew sat in the slow cooker reckon for our return from West Brom. Chicken tikka salad in the Vine. No booze. All set for the healthiest away day of all time until I spotted the ice cream van outside the petrol station near the ground after the game ????

...I ended up at sandbach on a McDonald’s ????????


Better than 18 pints mind haha.

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had my last ice-cream after reading that they don't contain cream anymore as it's too expensive and the ingredients are pretty grim.


I reckon the local ice cream vans just using whole milk in his mr whippy machine too..


Lost an inch off my waist in last week ish, but put a few lbs on... the belly's going and the muffin tops gone very loose.. surely this is a good thing despite the weight gain

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Wallings in cockerham offers the best ice cream in this hemisphere.



Not the best but Notarainni’s vanilla ice cream in Blackpool is exceptional, not tried any of the other flavours but a friend from Blackpool reccomended it once and it was lovely, despite the 4 jock smackheads eyeing me up across the road.

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