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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Lancashire C C C


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1 hour ago, Smiley said:

24 hours early with my prediction.

Good to see you there MickyD. How was the TC Sports section?

It was great. Comfy seating and a bar without a queue. I think anyone can go in once you're inside the ground upon payment of £15 but for that you get a drink voucher and a pack with holdall, sun cream, sunblock lippy stuff, pen, lanyard and rain poncho. Add that to the fact there's no need to leave the view of the pitch to go to the bar and it's actually good value. You can also pre-book a picnic which is a reasonably sized cool-bag containing fruit, drinks and snacks and a couple of ready meals. 

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25 minutes ago, fester58 said:

got to be said , having watched al ot of cricket over the years, I saw one of the best catches ive ever seen at lancs the other night, I would put it up there with ben stokes effort from the world cup

We were out of our seats for that one. Presume you mean Livingstone being caught in front of the party stand?

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2 hours ago, kaydan said:

Was a belter! Took the lad to his first ever T20 game. We’ll be going back!

I didn’t make it mate, but great to see you and your son enjoying it.

Cracking performances from Maxwell and Parkinson.

Vilas is seriously underrated.

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