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Removing Mobile Phone Apps.

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How do you get rid of pre installed apps from your phone?


I'm no tecky; and certainly not interested in facial or twatter nor skype for that matter. How do I get shut and free up some memory?



depends on what phone you have.


you can go in app options and perm disbale them on android

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for android if they really are 'pre installed' you don't get the option to remove them. 


can't see why twitter's app won't be removable , but i can see why , say, the camera app or any samsung flavour (or whatever) apps arent.


you generally need root permission to uninstall any apps in the system partition. which can be hard work.


Usually some apps can be moved to the memory card and run from there. which might help. (i forget where this option is but its probably somewhere on the same 'uninstall/remove/disable' page mentioned above


if you wanna go further down that route android 6 (?) and above lets you put in a memory card and lets you format it as if its an expanded internal hard drive. doing that might make it unreadable in windows or whatever. but that should free up all the hard drive space you'd ever need on the phone.


anything more complicated than the last two, usually involves rooting the phone. 

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Cheers all.

Its a Samsung J3.

Got a message the other day saying memory full. Well it wouldn't be if they didn't fill it with shite.

Looked at that disable thing- happen I'll try that. Why the fuck word etc comes on I don't know. can't see its that small- never would use it for that sort of stuff. Weird.

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At first look, it seemed not, however there's a hidden slot on top of the sim card slot. I've just tried the memory card from the tablet and it fits!. I'll get another- cheers.


Do twitter etc pay the phone manufacturers to install their stuff so as to keep user numbers up?

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probably, they don't call it shovelware for nowt .


if you wanna possibly fuck it up - kingroot.net might have an android app that might root it without using a computer.  [seems dodgy , but i think its ok, i think ive used it before]


then you'll probably need at least one more app to help you become the 'super user' and one more to help you remove the apps.


will probably void the warranty though. but afaik legal to do .

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