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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Wanderers 2-1 Cobblers

Happy Wanderer

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All games are important no matter what stage of the season but with Marching having more than its fair share of away games, this home game is equally as important as the last.


We all know what a load of old cobblers Northampton are yet I expect them to run around in a nice pair of boots.


I predict 3-1

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With Northampton coming to us on the back of 3 wins, could be harder than we expect.

I'm going with a narrow 3-2.

Maybe, though they've conceded 17 goals in their last six aways.


Mind you, we've only scored nine in our last six homes, and four of those were against Walsall.


0-0, then.

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Bagging early hasn't been a problem


True but last two games it would seem we've turned up the gas a bit.


I'd worry if we don't score early the crowd may get a bit tetchy which probably wont help.   If we do I'd like to think we'd carry on in the same vein.  

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I think that Parky has instilled a do or die attitude in the players, none of this go up by a goal and then just stand around. I think the

players realize what promotion means for the club. We'll win 3-1 or 4-1.

Alf,Maxine and Beavers for us. Morais lots of assists.

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