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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Port Vale 0-2 Wanderers


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Not planned yet, but I don't predict a quiet night in with a glass of ovaltine.


1/3 of the way to London, so it might be Ronnie's

Shite that Ronnie Scott's - Food and drink a rip off and when we went the music was crap also. But it might have just been a bad night

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Wouldn't be surprised to see this KO time changed.  


Will they allow us the full allocation behind the goal?


They COULD be relegated that day, we COULD be promoted that day.


Potential powder keg, and a decision will have to be made long before that outcome will be known. 


Another issue could be the unfair advantage to the teams kicking off at 3, if we kick off at 1, with this being the penultimate game. 


Lots of things for the Police & FL to think about here.......................

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Wouldn't be a surprise if it is 1230 on sky sports1


A relegation/promotion (hopefully!!!!) game


Fa cup semi weekend (Chelsea,spurs,aresenal, city) on TV


Liverpool and United on the box too


Brighton and Newcastle on fri/mon


Sat 1230 spot not taken yet.......

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