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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Wedding Day


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Try and step back and take it all in. It really is over in the blink of an eye.


I got that chinged off my bounce I didn't sleep and left the hotel at 6am to go and pack for Jamaica.


Best wedding I went to was at the imperial where upon entry to the night do I was greeted with the bride in a full on fist fight with her step daughter and bridesmaid. All went off after the Best man called the bride by the grooms ex wife's name and suggested he could have used the same wedding dress to save money but it probably wouldn't fit.


Torch paper was lit. Ended up just me and our kid in the bar which was free.


Subsequently that night I ended up in a night club where my Mrs imbedded a high heel shoe in the head for dancing with scantly clad lady on the podium.


Good times.

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Can only echo the above. I got hitched in LOV suite, had a belting day, plenty of ale was supped.


There was another wedding over the other side of the ground that day, they had a punch up at their wedding.


Ours went pretty much without anything going wrong except it should have been England playing the qtr finals of the world cup that day if we weren't shit

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Good luck and try not to sit at your meal thinking "who the fuck are they and why am I feeding them".


I got married wearing thin cotton pyjama bottoms under my woolen trousers becuase in the middle of August they itched like fuck.


I also wandered out of the pub down the road about 5 mins to kick off with half a dozen pints inside me. Loads of time to spare. Didn't realise the photomon wanted to do his shit with the ushers and bestmon and stuff. He could have done that in the tap room.


Have fun and save up for the divorce which in this day and age is 50 50. ????

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I have my 5th Anniversary on Friday, 


We had the do at a function room in horwich (st marys?).. I went to the bar and got asked what drink i wanted.. J20, the guy who offered laughed and walked off thinking I was taking the mickey.. had to buy my own drinks all night.. 


Brother in law 1 chucked water over brother in law 2 to wake him up... Brother in law 2 kicked off and trashed all the floral displays... 

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Getting married this Friday (31st) and was interested to see if anyone has any funny / interesting / shocking / good / bad

stories about there wedding day(s).

Just make sure you tell the bride how beautiful she looks. I forgot to and am reminded that I forgot every time we have words. Women remember stuff like that.

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Had a workmate who was a mild mannered quiet chap, until he'd had a beer, at my evening do.

Didn't know but he was passing loud comments about the size of my sister in laws norks.

Nearly kicked off big style but fortunately my gaffer and others took him home.

Only found out next day.


Oh and I didn't get any pudding because the greedy guests had troughed the lot.


18 years ago. Kinell

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Did the formal thing first time. Marriage at Smithills Chapel, reception at Egerton House, proper photographer. Seemed an endless day of fannying around posing for photos and driving to the different venues. All the pre-wedding stuff as well like going to church to hear the banns being read. Hated it


Second time did a civil wedding at Smokies Park in Ashton. Saw the registrar up in Oldham and then the full day at one place - wedding, meal and evening do. Got two photography students in from Manc Uni to do it as part of their degree course and they did it paparazzi style so the photos are ace as they really show what people were up to on the day. Great day. Considering it was all day drinking and all the Irish relatives flew in I'm amazed that it didn't go to ratshit


Oh.....and remember.....it's her day, not yours or anyone else's.....hers and hers alone

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