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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Wanderers 3-0 Peterborough


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Vela was fucking ace again today

So happy for him after his mates Clough & Holding (understandably) moved on up

About 10-12 games ago I had a real question mark over young Josh, but he has really impressed last few weeks.

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What a fantastic day.


Lads 7th birthday, on the pitch waving the flags when the players came out, watched his team get promoted, pitch invasion on my shoulders then on sky tv for all his school pals to see.


Thank you bwfc you've made this kids day! Gutted this seasons over!

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Special day today had tear in my eye at the end made up for my lad managed to get his desperately wanted pitch invasion and thoughts turned to the Charlton game when I heard Pud had passed away and how low I felt that afternoon, really been an emotional roller coaster over the last few years. Looling forward now to the future and BWFC back on an upward trajectory.

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Fuggin pissed now. Darwen locals bemused.


Mancs bemused as well


Arguing amongst themselves about points dropped today whilst I have a big beaming smile. Fuck em. Particularly the Massives who resorted to the "loadsamoney/why do you support a shit club" type of argument

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Difference to 12 months ago is mental, such a good feeling around the club, the andersons haven't put a foot wrong for me so far and they seem to be here for the long run. Good to see the players celebrating together and looking genuinely buzzing, feels like we've got a proper team who play together and get on together as mates not just football players and not a bunch of individuals like the past few years, ppswa

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