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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Wanderers 3-0 Peterborough


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Aye, I did wonder at what point a high scoring draw gives us the edge. Definitely would be coronaries all over the place, Fleetwood eight up and fourteen shared at the macron.


haha you could imagine some kind of investigation after that!

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haha you could imagine some kind of investigation after that!


In 1909 Leicester Fosse's first match after sealing relegation from top division was a 12-0 defeat at Nottingham Forest.


On the Saturday Leicester had valiantly won their last home match (3-2 against ManU), but had 3 away matches still to play, but a win for Chelsea at Newcastle and a point for Forest at Preston meant Leicester were relegated anyway.


A player recently transferred from Leicester to Everton got married on the Monday, and most of the team hadn't sobered up by Wednesday afternoon when Leicester visited Forest, who were still facing potential relegation too. So even though it was an East Midlands 'derby' it was 18th v 20th on a midweek afternoon. As word spread of the massacre, large numbers of spectators arrived, so that the crowd for the second half was more than double that at the start of the match.


There was a league investigation (in case Forest had bought the match), but no punishment followed.

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I know the Burnden v Macron thing has been done to death with pros & cons both way, but I wish this game was at Burnden with a really hostile atmosphere for our visitors, pressure put on the officials & loud support for all our players. As it is, i just hope that the majority drown out the moaners.



It will be hard if we're drawing with 10/15 minutes to go, deciding whether to stick or twist.......i'm a great believer in taking it into the

corner & sitting on the ball for 10 minutes, while others will want to go all out for a goal. Either way, it would be torture.

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