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Wanderers 2-3 Leeds


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Madine is so important to us playing well, problem is getting the midfield up and around him. Vela has had a good game but been forced deep and wide by a lack of support from Darby.


Hopefully Buckley can provide more help to the front two this last 20 minutes.

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Positives are our forwards are off the mark and we didn't have our strongest team (Morais and Ameobi)


One of the most obvious penalties you'll see.


Apart from Vela freekicks on the right side we hardly threatened an equaliser, though if Buckley didn't have a bad touch he was in a good position.


Defensive mistakes have cost us a point or three.

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Play like that every week and we'll finish top half


Tactics spot on


Selection spot on

Not convinced with 2 of those 3 statements


Selection probably about right but we held off them for far too long and were very deep for spells


Much better when we pressed and challenged for the 2nd balls


Not too bad overall but I'd be very surprised if we finish top half

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I don't see a great deal of improvement from the team we got relegated with, the fighting spirit couldn't be faulted but morale and fighting spirit is likely to  drop when the defeats pile up.


It's not a surprise given the budget Parky has to work with.


Didledee makes a good point that it wasn't our best team, if Parky hadn't signed Morais we'd still be in the 3rd division, but Leeds were so much better when it mattered i think we'd still have lost  at full strength.
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Not too disheartened, just disappointed to get nothing from the game. The difference in quality at this level is clear as day. Madine was excellent. If he plays like that all season we'll be fine.


Cullen can play. I think he'll be a very important signing.


Concerned about Vela. He's one of the last players I'd have wanted to get stretchered off.

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