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Not sure why it's getting any coverage


It's not even a proper sport, I'd rather watch a rubber duck race


Well the 6 goals England produced last night were better than anything BWFC have produced recently.


Part of the coverage is because of the cover up the FA tried to make of the first investigation.


He was 'cleared' but Aluko was paid £80k hush money.

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So she accepted the 'hush money' then continued her campaign?


No. She accepted the hush money but the story leaked to a newspaper.


Don't suggest she was involved, she has a law degree and understands what's what.


But the suggestion is that earlier events have come to light.

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The bit I picked up from radio 5 it seems more likely he's dabbled with a player, so to speak


The fa say there's nowt to stop him working in football



This isn't the first time female sportsmen gave cried about bullying


It's generally when they aren't good enough


Sampson results have been excellent and he's clearly popular with the teams he's putting out

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Dinosaurs? Hardly


women's football is up there with men's netball, shite


Some women's sports like tennis and athletics are fantastic, football just doesn't work

It's the keepers that fuck it up.


They should have smaller nets. Or let blokes be goalies.

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Aluko is one of the best, and her record is fantastic so performance not an issue there. It's all very murky

She runs fast


She's not good enough to start


England's record under Sampson suggests he knows what he's doing


Some players knuckle down,others agitate


Dunno which category she falls into

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