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The wife fancied treating her self to a new car so she picked a top of the range Toyota Rav 4, she did all the research and found one at a Toyota main garage in Altrincham. She sent me to look at it and test drive ect, the car was great so I struck a deal with the salesman and picked it up on Thursday. When I got the thing home the Mrs loved the car but for one thing it didn’t have the built in sat nav which was clearly advertised on the listing on the website, I phoned Toyota straight away and they told me it didn’t come with one, I told them it’s was listed on the website therefore the car has been missold to me.....I was quickly put on to the sales manager of the garage who wants me to go in and sort something out. Apparently now I can’t have the sat nav installed to my car so what should I be looking for in terms of compensation? Extended warrenty? Service plans? Or a car that they should have sold me? Has anyone had this kind of problem before?

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All decent websites have a little bit of small print basically saying that everything on there could be wrong. You won't have any joy just saying it was on the website.


You need to go through any paperwork you've ohysically signed.


If you get nowhere, I suggest you turn up at the dealership and pull the corners of you eyes so they look Japanese and just say Ah So to the manager for 6 hours straight

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We recently got a new car for the Mrs


Surely you have some sort of paperwork with model etc that tally's up with the brochure and conclusively prove's your point


If so then I'd be looking to swap the car for one with a NAV, if you've hardly done any miles then they will just stick it on the forecourt as new, shouldn't be classed as pre owned if you return it within cooling off period


Guess it's how much you want a built in NAV, I'd want it in

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Is the car on finance? Who is the finance company?

How long have you had it for?

I work in the industry so should be able to guide you if you want pal

That's the beauty of this site, if it's no sat nav there's always somebody willing to point you in the right direction. Edited by Breightmet Boy
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It’s the rav 4 2.2d awd invincible. Seems like some come with the nav and some dont, on the listing on the website showed the car with “nav” in the title of the car and also in the description of the car in the reading. Luckily I didn’t lose the tab on my computer which showed the full description so I have managed to print off all the details as evidence.

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Lodge a complaint direct with the finance company.


They have to become involved and they will contact the dealer and ask what has happened why it happened and what they are to do


Tell the finance co you either want a car with sat nav as per what you thought you were getting it a full refund. You have every right if the car isn’t as advertised just to hand it back to them and get a full refund


Pm me if any issues or need more help

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