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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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Walkden White

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What's Perth got that Farnworth hasn't anyway? He was a mug for moving in the first place.


Isle of Mann trumps Rottnest, Freemantle is a poor man's Fleetwood, and the Market Street skyline is simply breathtaking. You can keep your Chicken George, gimme a Gregg's any day!

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Early to mid 80's mate. I know this because the sprinting champ below got nutted by a one eyed pregnant mare called Carriage Way on the day we were at York and it was a bit of a sensation at the time as Soba was considered almost unbeatable. This is where most of the lads did their money but I employed the "odds on, look on" rule and kept my powder dry waiting for my 'nap' in the last.





If you knew the Farnworth Social Circle crowd, the trip was organised by Big Bob and Jimmy M (Jimmy's brother was their wicket keeper and was my mate which is how I ended up on the trip. Same lad came to live in Perth for a while but missed FSC so much he came back home).

I must know you Bolty Lad, I spent my childhood at FSCCC Macky was a good mate of my dad's. 

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You must do then mate. DM became a good mate of mine along with Ian E? The missus was very friendly with DM's missus and Ian's girlfriend which is how this all came about.


Did spend a bit of time up there at various do's in the clubhouse including DM's send off to Perth. We were accepted for Oz and when we told them they said they were doing it then and got here before us. She stayed, he went back to FSC. Probably every chance our paths have crossed if you were in the company of any of the names I have mentioned.


Perth doesn't need to advertise Traf. Everyone already knows the truth. As the car bumper stickers round here say, 'Fuck off, we're full'. 

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