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15 minutes ago, Casino said:

If there's a, for example, million quid payment due in a couple of weeks, then isn't all this speculating a tad dramatic

Where would this be coming from? EFL, Sky? not sure of all income streams but do they get EFL / Sky money in instalments through the season or get it all upfront / end of season?

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24 minutes ago, bolton va va said:

£150,000 ish. Hurrah.

As for the Doidge fee, I thought it was only near to 1 million with lots & lots of add ons but what we need to pay in January is a lot less than £1m.

I think it's been reported closer to 400k upfront 

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8 hours ago, Biganddaft said:

your probably right, I can remember fans in the 80s invading the pitch after we got relegated to division 4, seems to be a lot of apathy around these days

not that i am condoning invading the pitch or even demonstrating with an old bed sheet dont see what purpose that will serve except for letting off steam

Load of bollocks there was no pitch invasions  the crowds were dog shit back then 10 times worse than what’s going on now 5,000 plus 

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3 minutes ago, Farnywhite said:

Load of bollocks there was no pitch invasions  the crowds were dog shit back then 10 times worse than what’s going on now 5,000 plus 

5k was decent, although I think the turnstile staff were rather elaborate and had 2 for 1 deals and sneaky under for 50p 

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Regarding all the earlier talk about Administration, I doubt very much if Ken would have a sole voice in it, my thinking being as follows.

In very, very simple terms a company seeks the shelter of being in Administration whilst an appointed Administrator negotiates with its main creditors an agreement to reduce or write down what is owed to them so that the company can trade and become solvent (able to pay its debts) again.  The Administrator can also sell off assets as well to help get to the point of the company becoming solvent again too.

(I would imagine the Administrator or Liquidator (if it ever came to that) would have the powers to sell off the ground too if they felt they had to - they certainly have draconian powers over Employment Law that companies would normally have to adhere to, so I doubt the ST acquired ACV would hold much sway against them - but I digress).

The biggest creditors of the club are Moonshift, Michael James, KA himself (he has a charge on assets - the £5 million loaned to him personally by ED/Moonshift), and Warburton - probably in the order.  It's almost certain that they would decide amongst themselves what would be best for them (and the club too) and I doubt the cost of going into Administration and paying the Administrators fees would be that attractive to them.

It inconceivable to me KA would not have made the other three aware of the pending shortfall of the players wages this month, so maybe the non payment of players wages was done to make it known to all - players and fans alike - that this isn't just idle chatter and that the need to raise funds which include all the things KA pushes in his Chairman's Notes that he has being ridiculed for, really was of the utmost importance.

As has been mention previously the money from the Wigan game, a direct debit ST contribution is due, there are a number of home fixtures this month and that a major stage payment from the EFL of Sky money are all on the horizon and one assumes would keep us going into February at least.

You could also chuck in maybe one or two sales in January - Beevers to Rangers, Vela to Leeds, for instance - to help keep us going (maybe even a loan back of Doidge to FGR perhaps!).

It seems unlikely to me therefore that Administration would be entered into now, no matter how many of the Twitter uneducated demand it to be done as presumably in their naivety to get shut of the Andersons.

Clearly we are not out of the woods yet - a long way from it I dare say - but I think money will be found to pay the players in the next week or so and Administration will be put off for a few more months and maybe by that time things may have changed for the better.

I do think though that Iles and the ST had advanced notice of the cash flow issue and thought it might be terminal for KA and have made a coordinated and concentrated effort to stir up the shit to make things become toxic and have done quite a good job at it too, mainly due to the fact that most people responding to them on Twitter and the Bolton News (and no doubt other forms of media that I don't follow such as Facebook), haven't the foggiest themselves of what is going on - and more to the point why - and slavishly flock to Iles clearly anti-Anderson banner because all their mates presumably do too.

The quicker Iles closes his Twitter account and keeps his personal opinions to himself and instead starts to report the news impartially in the paper that pays him to do so - the better for everyone including the club.

That's my take on things anyway.


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Why on earth would Leeds by Vela when he is nowhere near a start for us at the moment?

And by the way do you think that struggling local newspapers pay journalists to be impartial or generate clicks?

I don't think you are daft Sluffy for a second, but you do come across a bit green. 


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