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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Wheres Smiffs And His Gas Chamber?


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And even funnier in real life. I've never known anyone take life less seriously. More laid back than a Mexican at siesta time.

When he got kicked out of the emptyhad for sitting there casually drinking his pint in his seat. Not even trying to hide it


he very nearly got me and Gumbo properly battered at Wigan once :D

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Zozzy was/is a naturally funny bloke.

He was once the very proud owner of the worst fart i've ever had the misfortune to inhale - NSL 2007 ish

Then you weren’t on Traf’s not right coach to Macedonia


Fester’s arse was consistently the worst I’ve ever smelled

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Feeling a little bit sheepish posting this after my rant last week. It’s funny how you see things differently after a glass of wine. No offence intended to anyone and nice to see Smiffs and NB back.

Pissed up posting is what's made this site mate


Love it ????????

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