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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Peter Kay

royal white

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Some unfunny fuckers on here.⬆️

Sorry if you are offended Mounts, is anybody sure if he is actually ill or if it's a member of his family?


I'm a big fan of Kay, I can see how the above doesn't come across well in print but it's actually supposed to be in his style with a Bolton 'in' reference a la 'shes not dead she lives up Stitch me Lane.'

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He could be dead but someone is pretending that he is still alive so they can carry on claiming a benefit he was on.

"Weekend At Brian's"


Also , when The Neptune Club burns down , he gets up out of his wheelchair..


erm, I hope the DHSS doesnt see this...

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I'm struggling to believe you or the footage. I've got it as a cast iron fact that he died some weeks ago by the WW coroners office.

Aye, there's been more posts by someone who were told by someone via text who is ITK than people who saw him on stage last night


So at the minute it's still more likely he's dead

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