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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Roxanne Pallet


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Big brother shouldn't have let it drag on for days though.


Ryan went from 3.9 to about 6 when it first aired then down to 1.4 when the footage was shown overtaking kirsty allie as bookies favourite.


Stevieb - watches the wifes drivel for betting opportunities!

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What’s gone on?

roxanne said she'd been repeatedly punched by Jason off corrie.


Called him a wife beater, manipulative, liar and abusive to BB and the rest of the house.


Showed the footage and he was shadow boxing around her but a yard away from her.


She's a mentalist.

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Now admitting she made a mistake. How many other women have done the same but won't admit they lied??

Her career in ruins now but Ryan's could of been destroyed. Sad thing is now that will stick with him


Sickening watching it

Id never heard of him or her so I googled it, turns out you're talking about Big Brother, have you turned into a homosexual Jay?

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I've read very little of this but there's so much in the press it's impossible not to have seen snippets of it all. Sure, shes probably got issues, doesn't seem very will liked by her peers but by Christ the reaction has gone way over board in the press.


Oh, and I certainly would - if she tells anyone I was shit and couldn't last, don't believe a word

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