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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021



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9 hours ago, Horwich said:

Atherton are not the worst club around. Decent facilities, not the worst team and juniors decent enough.

Daisy Hill, Little Hulton and Darcy Lever offer very little to the league, to name a few.

Daughter plays rounders at Darcy Lever CC and often, when they're playing, there's also a junior game on. I don't know what age groups or whether all agegroups are covered but there's certainly junior cricket going on.

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5 hours ago, Horwich said:

Nothing at all to do with numbers at Horwich. We could of put a team out and walked the league.

We decided to play the under 18s in the 3rd team on a Sunday. 40 overs and better opposition. Most of them are playing 1st or 2nd x1 and the under 18s is just a waste of time for everyone

I think same applied at Bradshaw. By the time folk get to under 18s they're planning their future at Uni so often won't be available at the start and finish of the season. As you say, often those who are playing the older junior cricket games are also playing 3rds, 2nds and 1sts so what's to be gained? Especially when, as discussed earlier, other teams don't bother showing up.

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1 hour ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Does little lever's ground have an aroma of dog nuggets wafting around it during warm weather?

Once walked (perhaps should be picked my way) along the public footpath at the side of the ground, and it was purely a dog toilet.

There's certainly plenty of shit coming from the LL players and supporters when they're sitting on the balcony. Nothing short of embarrassing listening to them sledging players (even their own if they make a mistake) at full voice while there are kids roaming about. 

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I'm not sure if they had to re-resign or the previous resignation stands but as far as I'm aware, we'll be playing in the GMCL next season. 

The confusion came when a highly regarded league official game Bradshaw his opinion/interpretation of a rule rather than the actual meaning of the rule.



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