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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Annual weightloss/get fit thread


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Last time I weighed in on NYD, either last year or the one before I think I was 14 stone bang on

Today I am 14-4

First stop, 14 stone, then get as far under that as I can

cancelling my gym membership tomorrow

Aiming for two 5 mile runs and 2 30 min home "hiit" sessions a week

And ale on Friday/Saturday only

And lots more water

My vice is not dieting

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10 minutes ago, gonzo said:

What’s everyone’s vice?

Apart from ale obvs...

its pies and crisps for me.

I can inhale a cheese pastie in 0.2 seconds flat and those jalapeño beer crisps will the be death of me.


Too many vices to list

but crisps and nuts/Bombay mix etc the real killers for me. Need to cut them out pronto 

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29 minutes ago, kent_white said:

Bread, bread and more bread. And too few fruit and vegetables. That's the key really.

Bread is the killer.

its ace though. We get that salt and pepper cob thing from Morrison’s, fuck it’s good. 

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I stopped drinking alcohol for 2 months last year and lost 3KG but I felt so much more alive and fresh.

Ive put 1KG on over Xmas due to alcohol but I have never snacked, don’t eat crisps and sweets etc and eat lots of pasta.

Want to get back to 70KG in January and with the exception of 1 weekend (my sons 21st), I will not be drinking in Jan or Feb.

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16 minutes ago, Breightmet Boy said:

Just weighed myself and I’m at my heaviest ever, 15st 13 pounds.   I need to lose 5 stone.   That has well and truly shit me up as apparently in bordering obese according to this logic of being 5ft 8inch tall. Fat Bastard me.


Just checked my BMI and I should be beteeen 10-9 and 14-7 that’s an absolute joke how can someone 6 foot 4 ever weigh 10-9? Even when I was pretty fit in late 20s weighed in at 15-4. I’m going to aim for 15-7.

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Ideal weight is about 12 stone 8

Currently lugging 14 stone 2 around

A bad 2018 with back problems and arthritic toes has meant no exercise at all. No biking, no golf, no fell walking, nothing. Oh and too much drinking due to various stressful events

Opened a letter yesterday from my GP - "We have received the report of your recent blood test. Please book an appointment to discuss your cholesterol levels and liver function" Fuck. That's a wake-up call if I ever needed one

Vices - wine, Jack Daniels, Marlboros, bread, sausages, bacon, Carrs Pasties and basically not giving a fuck and thinking that everything will be reet

Joining the local Village Gym to start swimming again, getting steroid injections into my toes so that I can walk without being in fucking agony, getting the golf going again, stopping midweek drinking at home and going to try to quit smoking. Won't achieve them all but if I can do at least 2 or 3 of them it will be a start

Approaching 55 I don't like receiving letters like that from my GP. The kick up the arse that I probably needed

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1 hour ago, birch-chorley said:

I’m at about 101kg, target weight is 98kg but it’s easier said than done 

Planning on no Sugar in January to kick start the year 

Training wise I want to try and get through 500km this year (10km per week average) with two gym sessions a week on top 

Let’s see how it goes 

If you don’t lose 3 kg with all that effort it’s a bad doo. 

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It’s not just 3kg of fat loss though, you could diet that out in a decent 6-8 weeks without doing any exercise 

I want to be doing weight training twice a week to build muscle at the same time, 3kg NET loss isn’t as easy as it sounds 

I need to get my body fat % measured again, that will be the key indicator to track 

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