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Brizzle AWAY Part 2

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30 minutes ago, Mounts Kipper said:

Parkinson after match said noone at wing back was absolutely outstanding.  Anyone else remotely share that opinion? 

Noone was no where near the standard he set last week. His corners were atrocious aswell.

surprised he played as expect him to play against reading.

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3 minutes ago, Blondi said:

Chances of Connell starting against Reading? Oddschecker 33/1

I wouldn’t waste a pound. No way Parky is throwing a 17 year old kid into a relegation 6 pointer. Wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t even get on the bench.

Parky’s football is more stale than a month old warbies loaf. Crap to watch

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It'll all be about 'horses for courses', 'experienced heads' blah, blah,  the same experienced heads that have been shit scared of putting two passes together, trying something inventive or taking the slightest risk all season. We will be tense, but probably so will they. What better game to throw in the mix somebody who will put fear into opponents by playing without it themselves, and being a (relatively) unkown quantity who will do things that throw them on to the back foot and cause errors?

No chance of it happening though, Parky just isn't that sort of manager. 

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Just now, overseas said:

Is he a bit rusty? I mean was he holding his back and showing his teeth when you started getting a bit nippy?

I should clarify here, that I meant 17 year olds ought to be better at football, not that they actually are. They have a bit more energy is what I meant.

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I was reading this.


June 29, 1958: Teenager Pele is a footballing sensation as Brazil win their first World Cup

A 17-year-old striker from Sao Paolo needed only four matches to write his name in footballing history as he inspired Brazil to its first World Cup in Sweden. Pele said after the Tounament " My Dad is shít at football, I can run rings around him"

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