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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Brizzle AWAY Part 2

Burndens Bogs

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1 hour ago, Marc505 said:

Love watching highlights from that era. Third round replay being played in daylight though, was it a weekend?!

Yes, it was fourth round day, but the match at Luton did not take place until Tuesday 21st January, so the replay was on the following Saturday.



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3 hours ago, Steejay said:

When you generally see old highlights, you can see how football has usually moved on but we're so backwards now compared to that team. Their movement, Johansen, Thompson, McGinlay even Pollock was way above our present lot who are told to just lump it forwards & fight for the scraps...

That team cosy money we could only dream of spending 

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1 hour ago, Carlos said:

Alan Thompson would have gone on to do more if he wasn't a piss can. The very last generation of drinkers, be absolutely miles behind in the modern era.

At the time Thompson was playing for us I went to an event at the Station pub in  Swinton - Frank Worthington was speaking. Went to the loo and Thompson was peeing in the sink, arm aloft shouting "toon army". Class.


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Just now, Eavesy said:

Currently greyed out but has a play sign on bet 365. 

Many specific requirements to enable?

place a bet etc?

I think betfair is minimum £2 bet. 365 might be less or free im not sure. Usually comes on a min before kick off. 

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