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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Skinniest bird you’ve ever shagged


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Apologies for sounding like Leigh White, and also upsetting Manc Wanderer’s applecart.....

Had a mad flashback.


Had a girl at Deane Grammar....nicknamed her Maggie Matchstick.

Fuck me, what a bag of bones she was........she came into school one day in shitstoppers and a pair of Doc Martens.

She favoured a six iron.

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27 minutes ago, leigh white said:

I remember me and mate copping two wimmin when we worked in Torquay in 74, I got the fattest, took her between two beach huts and she couldn't open her legs wide enough because it was that much of a squeeze in that space.

For clarity......Leigh White worked in Torquay as a gigolo....


Fuck me.......his clients had some giggles :D


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9 minutes ago, leigh white said:

Yes, it should've  been 60 !!!! But for those Tory cunts getting elected. Anyway look forward to your old age pension, when you reach 73.  :D

Now now..you left wing Leigh Lefty loving lout


Try saying that pissed and with a lisp :D


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8 minutes ago, Whizz said:

Bottom house, Iron Street, Horwich. I was leathered and didn’t know if the Johnny was for my knob or it was her sleeping bag. Chicago Rock. My mate took her mate back, looked like Ray Parlour. 


was it a case of “fart, give us a clue”

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