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Those Crazy Cup Ties We Had With Swindon Town.

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2 minutes ago, Casino said:

Did em all

Mark came as a centre forward

I did three, I blagged my way through the main entrance for the first game helping an old lady with a fur coat on and got waved on to the best seats.

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Was going to the 4th game and got let down at last minute. Gutted. 

That Cowdrill goal was incredible. Didn’t Brownie also score a screamer?

4th game - weren’t we struggling for a team and had to play Came up top?

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2 hours ago, darwen_white said:

IIRC, we were allowed into the empty away section of the Burnden Paddock for one of the home games

Didn’t our fans get let across the pitch at the end?

also came started up front at Bradford too 

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25 minutes ago, Underpants said:


Did them all as well. Be interesting to see the attendances for all the matches. Probably more than what's walking in through the gates now.

3-3 Away 8,318

1-1 Home 11,533

1-1 Home 14,126

1-2 Away 11,238

I'm sure in one of the home games we had 2 or 3 goals disallowed .

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Cowdrills goal is one of the finest ever hit by a Bolton player.

wasnt the guy who was offside about 300 miles away from play as well?

As for Mark Came up front.....

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I went to the 2 home games against Swindon, I remember when they let us into the enclosure near the Swindon Fans at home,  pretty sure Spazzy Darren was first in there, great memories those games. Can't believe how the game has changed though,  Just look at our away following at Swindon and seeing how many fans we had and how barmy they celebrated when we scored, proper old school stuff.

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54 minutes ago, RONNIE PHILLIPS said:

You could always rely on Felgate in a big cup tie 😊

To miss that shot what flew over his hands, he must have been reminded that many times at the timber yard in Farnworth when he was having a kick about with his mates at breaktime.

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