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Casino unable to get his head round clockwise and anti-clockwise on the M60:  

Posted this years ago but the gallery is fucked so don't if this reload will work  

He should be back posting on here in 7 or 8 months.

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34 minutes ago, Happy Wanderer said:

I never went on that infamous camping trip and I’m sure more tales could have come out.

One thing I can say is that this site has brought may people together.  We even had a wedding with alibobs!


Was it Zoe, Stan and the mental Scottish bloke (not Jazza)

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2 minutes ago, Burndens Bogs said:

Olispence going to work in Greece for the summer, when he was really going on holiday there with his Mum + Dad for a coupla weeks.

Anything by Little Whitts.

Wanderersways trip to Guimaraes.

Smiffs was one piss funny bloke.

all that was made up tbf

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1 hour ago, frank_spencer said:

Ollimong going working abroad lasting about 3 days coz it was too hot even though he was wearing a bloody tank top over his tshirt. 

Was he the one who crashed his car about 20 minutes after passing his test?

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41 minutes ago, L/H White said:

having a whip round to get jumbo and his mate flights over for the rabotnicki return leg

what happened with that, did they make it?

No. Their club would not help out. We raised the cash BWFC were happy. 

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2 minutes ago, Eddie said:

The referee trifecta.

Natasha hating big Sam 

Maximus ITK (and one poster actually being so ITK one year that I swore he was whoever the manager was at the time)

Was that around the time Spearing kept leaking the starting XI the night before games?

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45 minutes ago, HomerJay said:

SEB surely is the biggest running joke?

We weren't the only ones 

Recall having a mooch on a Sunderland forum when we played them and they said it too in the same context

Obviously a popular joke in general at the time 

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Me lying about Jussi being lined up by Spurs. And then it got mentioned on the radio that evening. haha. Fancy journalists taking something posted on a forum like this as gospel!

WWXI matches versus the Morton lads, the Walkden lads and a few others.

Budgies in the Arndale will always be my No. 1 if we are doing a Top 100 countdown.

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