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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Lincoln away


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9 minutes ago, BOWTUN BAKED said:

Well Sheffield is going to be interesting! I notice the train times have altered slightly, now arriving in Sheffield at 10:34 instead of 10:36, looks like Leeds are on the train & they apparently have been banned from the trams after previous incidents. Police are supposed to be kettling them & walking them Wednesday!

Best get comfy trainers on, fooking mooch

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15 hours ago, Dr Faustus said:

We were just promoted, and back then teams promoted in to the second tier entered in round 1. 

It was also the season I got the bug

Not watched the clip yet, does browny score a peach? Yellow kit, I think it wasn't manufactured by Reebok per se, it was a generic material, and they added the collar from the home and away kit. 

I remember flicking through sky, and finding it on a late Saturday night or something. As the lad of a Utd fan I was pretty oblivious to our TV exposure back then. 


It wasn't available to buy, until the end of the season from Centre Spot. I could've probably bought Stubbs match shirt, but didn't. 

I was clearly a foolish teenager with no foresight

Saturday tea time live on Sky.

Very lively afterwards. 

Looking forward to tomorrow and what I can remember, if anything 

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4 minutes ago, Dan P said:

I remember going all the way to hereford and match was called off due to frozen pitch..got called off at 10am..but was on a coach and no tinternet in them days..walked round ground so does that count

Was the 1st game not off for fog ?    anyway, I went back to the rearranged game during the following week & it got called off again - that time definitely for fog  but missed the game when it was actually played. Have ticked off Hereford since though....we won.

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