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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Nicknames for folk at the Match


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9 hours ago, Ratwhite said:


The whole of the WSL below me including @victor meldrew @BOWTUN BAKED and others off here....




Stay safe brothers and sisters, im actually missing you......................................😷


Suffice to say the first away game after this horrible mess is concluded ... It's going to be one hell of a piss up & catch up.

We might even let Lord Farquar here join us in the cheap seats! 😉

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1 hour ago, jayjayoghani said:

Row K East Lower, "shaking like a shitting dog". So incandescent with rage, he regularly starts to shake. 

My mate knows him, says he's a nice fella otherwise. 

Sounds a bit long winded for a nickname - couldn’t you just shorten it to Shakey or summat?😂

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Chap used to be in the ESL we called The Gaffer, because he shouted wonderful encouraging tactics like Fuckin hell do something. Cmon and bloody hell whites. No matter the score or how we were playing  

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We have ‘angry man’ sat behind us. Gets so angry so quickly. To be fair goes everywhere away too and is a nice guy apart from the 90 minutes. 

Then just along there is Flagman or badge man depending on how we feel. 

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Was once in the Burnden Paddock in the last 80s when Ray Deakin did a backpass that hit his own bar & a few people in the crowd started singing "Deakin for England".  This weird bloke who used to stand near us nearly burst a blood vessel & shouted "Deakin couldn't play for Malta" - which is still his nickname between me & my mate to this day. Still see him walking around Bolton.

Also, his equally weird mate is still known to us as "green socks".



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