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can we not talk about Bumming its still a sore point   foot long tony in the showers it was that big it had a Elbow

Ryan Ryan’s if anyone wants to do some research 

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Of all the guessing games I've had during lockdown, that was the only one I got right, could tell from her face and the angle of her back

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I've currently got 4 more games, but they keep on coming at the rate of 1 every few days

Don't want to run out so moving forward, will post a new one around 5pm then then the answer between 9 and 10 before i pass out on the sofa, unless i pass out on the sofa


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1 hour ago, Youri McAnespie said:

For example:

1 (see 'filthiest'), 2, 5, 3, 4...

Filthbag? 1. The little tramp has sommat around her ankle - always a signifier of this attribute imo...

Fittest? Conventionally chosen, 2.


Concur with number 1 as she’s got the tiniest bottoms on


Fittest is subjective and I choose 4, the tit tan lines gave her the edge. 

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