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The official Wigan are shit thread

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The EFL should issue a statement to say: "We deny Wigan Athletic permission to start the season. What is more we acknowledge and apologise for the mistake of our predecessors in opening the door to th

Wigan can’t say , founder members ,they can’t say first ever goal scored, they can’t say first ever Wembley winners ,with a record crowd ,famous white horse final to boot . They can’t say top flight f

Turns out they owe £3.1415926535

3 minutes ago, Burndens Bogs said:

Beltin' News

That Latics Speyk forum has been great fun, listening to them whinging.

What goes around comes around.... an' all that.

I've been trying to get on there for about forty minutes but can't navigate it at all,  it appears to have been washed away by some kind of jelly slide or perhaps a raging torrent of melted ice cream.

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Reap what you sew you tinpot wankers. Laughing at our demise I’ll dance all over their fucking grave 

no one will want to go anywhere near that shit show now. I’m Torn between sudden or a slow painful death at the moment 

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As I've said before, not a shred of sympathy from me. Not gloating because any club outside the Prem ain't that far from going under at any time, and it could be us again in the future, so I'm being cautious

But..........those cunts were dancing on our grave before it had even been dug.......and celebrated wildly.......and it wasn't a minority either....so fuck em

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Another day. Another two signings for Bolton - with our responsible owners building slowly and shrewdly for our future.

Another day. Another bodyblow for Wigan. Six weeks to the new League 1 season ... players fleeing the sinking ship, administrators selling everything that moves, no manager, no prospect of new signings, no prospect of any decent preparation for 21/22. Almost a replica of BWFC in the Summer of 2019... with the addition of a global pandemic just to complicate everything even more. 

When it comes to all matters Bolton/Wigan related, gravity eventually kicks in. If these lot are still staggering around at the start of 21/22 I hope we draw them in the League Cup or Freight Rover and give them a walloping.

I am getting ahead of myself ... let's all enjoy the show day by day through August for now.

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