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Rocky 4 shit or alright?

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This is gonna be embarrassing for you.

I was always in for a pasting after watching it with my older brother as a kid. Every time without fail. 

Aye blood sport was ace, another twatting after that as well

28 minutes ago, jayjayoghani said:

I'm told, that peak homoerotic Rocky was the beach race with Apollo in Rocky 3. 

It's cant be as homoerotic as the beach volley ball scene in TG though, that's a proper gay fest

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1 hour ago, tomski said:

Love the homoerotic idea behind it all as long as I can go to the bar and miss the whole of Rocky 4 though bbz 

you can wear your favourite t-shirt


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31 minutes ago, superjohnmcginlay said:

Sat through Robocop 2 the other night.

quite possibly the worst film ever made, 

To this day i never have, i know better

That was because i watched Highlander 2

I don't think I've seen a Terminator film since T2

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23 minutes ago, Sweep said:

You've clearly never seen Aquaman

And I don’t think I ever will now! 

@ZicoKelly Just checked Highlander 2 gets 4.3 on IMDb and Robocop 2 gets 5.8 so if it’s that much worse I can’t imagine how bad it is. Aquaman gets 6.9. 

Highlander has a Scottish chap playing a Spanish chap and a French man playing a Scottish man doesn’t it?

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