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Bolton v forest green

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You also said yesterday he should change to 4-4-2. He’s come in with a plan and to try and change the mentality. Whether we have the players and whether it comes good we will see. But after one half o

It is a football forum; if folk want to offer their tactical opinions, that's what its for. Just a socially distanced way of getting a defeat off your chest over a few ales with mates. Simpl

As a one off performance I can’t disagree with any of the negative comments being made; Players not living up to their billings, looking tactically naive, no defensive gelling what-so-ever, combinatio

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55 minutes ago, Johnnyrotten said:

You put it better than me. 

I dont always agree with your, or others' ideas, tactics etc. But we all want the same thing ultimately. 

No antagonism towards players/staff needed, but if they were shite in a given game, folk are going to say so.

Been the case forever.

I reckon a good training method would be dribbling around cones at a drive in covid testing centre. Soon learn good control, at pace. :)

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42 minutes ago, Casino said:

Ah, but its fair enough thinking hes a cnut

Wanting him sacked while keeping us in the prem, no way

Aye, which makes him better than any manager who didn't manage us in the PL

Like Rioch

Great manager, but still second to Alladyce

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