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1 hour ago, radcliffewhite1 said:

Positive talks held today about the return of fans hopefully getting there 

I watched the Parliament debate of the petition, OK predictably boring at times but there was some good passion and determination showed by some MPs, particularly the bloke from Stoke and the female Liverpool and City fans. Oliver Dowden (Sport & Culture) sounded like he was going through the motions, and seemed more bothered about fans travelling to the game than actually being in stadiums.  But let's hope today was another step in the right direction.


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30 minutes ago, Johnnyrotten said:

Won't it just be S/T holders for rest of this season? (and probably whole of 2021).  I can't see clubs being allowed to sell tickets on top of those already bought, for league games.

It will be appropriate to each club I expect depending on their socially-distanced capacity and the number of season ticket holders. Certainly doubt there will be scope for away fans though.

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Having received advice, dishing it out wont be the issue

Theres 10s of thousand retired meducal folk capable of doing it

Its also very easy to administer


My advisors 3 concerns

These nobs getting it where it needs to be

How much we can get and when

Anti vaxers

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