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6 minutes ago, Ani said:

Hard to blame keeper for the goal. 

I would sack the manager tomorrow if we lose. This was so predictable. We have no midfield. 


Crawford is a soft pussy and white not good enough. 

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He's French and moved to England when he was six you massive bell

What a moron

Evatt needs to sort out his 'jobs for the boys'. The 2 he brought in are unarguably the 2 that have so far been his biggest let downs. The less said about Baptiste the better, then Gilks brings in &am

Just tuned in to see us go one down. Dear me

Now making Mansfield Town look like world beaters.  Beyond words

The goalkeeping situation Baptiste, Tom White (thought he knew this mon and how to get him to play)the fullbacks our style our shape Crawford Gonnoreah . The whole defence and midfield. Nothing is improving.  in facr its getting worse!!

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Let’s not pretend this is all Down to the manager. The players need to take accountability. They are absolutely fucking awful. Professional pride should be getting more from each of them. They are a disgrace to the shirt and it would be a hundred times worse than this the if fans were allowed in at the moment. 

the shithouse cunts 

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Just now, RUREADY2ROLL said:

Dropping the shit would be a start

Im sure someone could organise a defence to look like they can actually defend from what weve got. need a new keeper mind but that is Evatts fault no argument 

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