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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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2 hours ago, Leyther_Matt said:

Tenner. Which is probably more than it would have cost for a ticket if we were allowed to attend, but there we go. Already paid for mine but that's only because there's literally nowt else to be doing.

Aye, that's where I'm at.

I don't think that I would have been watching it otherwise.

There's not even Dunelm or Hobbycraft.

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44 minutes ago, Leyther_Matt said:

Even if he does give Alexander a run out, I wouldn’t necessarily say that it has any relevance for the next league game. 

For it to be useful, its either Gilkes or Crellin

As you suggest,Alexander isn't playing a league game at this stage

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Here we go...

I have a dream of being at an FA Cup Final supporting BWFC with  my rosette and Happy Shop clacker.

The League Cup with Liverpool was a good day out and Dean Holdsworth robbed me in front of my eyes but every year I dream.

Come on Whites, I'm getting closer to the check out every year so pull your bloody finger out.

2-0 please.

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5 minutes ago, gonzo said:

If nobody has mentioned Rodney Jack or the postponed game at their gaff, then does this thread really exist?

That postponed game, we were in the boozer near the ground and I went for a much needed slash only to be informed, when I got back to the table,  that the game was off due to a waterlogged pitch. It was a heck off a slash and so I wondered if I'd played a part. Was on Grand National day - or did I dream that??

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