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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Name The Ground


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  • 2 weeks later...

No idea except its on the side of a hill or on a valley bottom and Old Calabar dog food was made in Liverpool.

Blinding picture though, you can smell the decay... can you score rebounds off those walls?

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No one's got it yet, you're only getting it via a lucky guess, if you follow the same social media account i do and saw it earlier, or if you do a reverse Google image search 

Keep the guesses coming




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2 hours ago, ZicoKelly said:




Be amazed if anyone gets this 

Saw this picture on a twitter feed or similar in the last couple of days 

Not surprised it was closed and the club concerned moved to their current ground in the 1930s - looks a proper death trap 

The grounds name was very appropriate given the clubs nickname but without seeing the twitter link I would have had absolutely no idea 





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36 minutes ago, embankment said:

So what was the building overlooking the pitch ?

Genuinely interested 

It was the building that New Brighton Tower (think a slightly smaller Blackpool Tower) was built from.

I can't place a picture on here, but it's on this ...


The Tower was demolished in 1920.  The building, hotel & ballroom, in 1969.

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